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      The Top Fuellers are a band formed by Stretch (The Highliners) and Dave Deville (Klingonz, Vulture Squadron and The Highliners). If that doesn’t give you any clues, then we’re talking a bit of psychobilly, rockabilly with a little garage and sax. Add to this hot rods and drinking and you’re just about there. Think The Highliners meet King Kurt and you’re in the right park, now all you need to do is let your hair down and dance! The songs are all new and self penned, cars drinking and beach being among the themes, Snakebite being a fave, Whiskey and Beer for similar reasons which are not because I’m an alcoholic, but because despite my previous analogies The Top Fuellers have a fresh sound and it picks you up on the first listen.The music says fun, which as a song titled Psychobilly Hair can only do, without the testosterone aggression of some psycho bands. The Top Fuellers are for everyone (although The Nun’s Got Plums maybe not for under 18’s!) Every now and again an album comes along that brings a smile to your face and has you reaching for the ‘repeat’ button. This is certainly one of those, surpassed only – I’d imagine – by seeing The Top Fuellers live on stage.

      Reviewer: Andy Gillard
      September 2015