• Band Bio

    • Enjoying psychobilly, rockabilly and garage music, beer, drag racing, hot rods, dubs and scooters, Stretch and Dave decided to put these interests together in a band – The Top Fuellers, and gradually, gathered up the trio of Lee Andrews (Biff Bam Pow), Siim Salamander (The Highliners and many other bands) and Mick Lammond (The Spacewasters) to start working on the details.

      Combining musical styles from the 50’s, 60’s and 80’s The Top Fuellers have created a collection of powerful new songs that straddle sub-cultures and break boundaries to take you along the beach, down the drag strip and back to the bar! Just don’t blame The Top Fuellers if you find yourself flying around the dance floor again like you did in your twenties!

      ‘Bartender mix me up a Snakebite!’

    • Mick Lammond

      Mighty Vocals

      With a voice that can make legs tremble and knees go weak, Mick is also the fine singer in The Spacewasters. A force to be reckoned with when he takes to the stage, he sure cuts a dashing figure when he dons his shirt as the lead singer for The Top Fuellers!

    • Dave Deville

      Guitar Mayhem

      Dave was in The Highliners and is in The Klingonz. Now contrast the guitar element on 'Last Word' with that of 'La Notte Dei Serpenti' and you will hear borderline mayhem and a flood of talent coming from the creative force that is, Dave Deville. A remarkable ability to add just the right sound to any of The Top Fuellers songs, Dave makes guitar noodling with six strings look natural and dazzling. (Stretch says he is not jealous of Dave and four strings are enough!)

    • Stretch

      Pumpin' Bass

      Fresh foot from The Highliners, and with fingers that can reach from here to there, Stretch claims that if four strings for a pumping bass are enough for Robbie Shakespeare (try a search), four are enough for him. He also says his custom Fender bass is easier to carry on a plane than a slap bass. Well it does make it easier for him when he is running about on stage, and it kinda suits his style of playing too!  

    • Siim Salamander

      Honkin' Stonkin' Saxophone

      Young Siim, sometimes described as The Pin Up For The Band, is taller than his enormous saxophone would suggest, and even better looking in real life than this photo makes out. Bringing the average age of the band down to 28, and with devilish good looks, do not be fooled by his relaxed appearance. The raw power and stonkin' sound Siim produces with his saxophone is an essential component in The Top Fuellers wall of sound.

    • Lee Andrews

      No-Nonsense Full Drumming Power

      Guiding The Top Fuellers from the back of the stage Lee is the understated power behind the storm. Calm, always in control and with an eye on the audience, Lee sometimes needs all the experience of his many years behind a kit to keep The Top Fuellers on track, and the songs on course!