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      Welcome to the official website for The Top Fuellers, a band started by Stretch (The Highliners, Shrinking Violets) and Dave Deville (Optic Nerves, Klingonz, Vulture Squadron and The Highliners).

      Combining musical styles from the 50’s, 60’s and 80’s, The Top Fuellers have created a collection of powerful new songs that straddle sub-cultures and break boundaries. With so much energy in every song it’s no wonder the sound has been described as Mean Machine Music.

      What the Press say about the debut album:
      "The entire album is crammed with primitive rock ‘n’ roll anthems" – Louder Than War

      "an incredibly fun record." - The Punk Site

      "A pretty deft blend of Psycho and Rockabilly, with some garage and elements of punk" – Music News.com

      "Brings a smile to your face and has you reaching for the ‘repeat’ button" – Scootering Magazine

      Snakebite is an absolute stonker of a singalong party tune from a cracking release." – UK Rock and Roll Magazine

      "must have been a little tipsy during the writing and recording process.” – The Punk Site

      So then, you have been warned. Just don't blame The Top Fuellers if you find yourself spilling your Snakebite as you fly around the dance floor again like you did in your twenties!

      'Bartender mix me up a Snakebite!'

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      For the fun of it, we have challenged Adele to a 24 hour Drag Race of album sales. She's ahead at the moment (!) but the race doesn't start untill the 28th. To help us in the race we are having a one day sale on CD albums (also T Shirts and Bowling Shirts too). Starting Saturday 28th Nov at[...]

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      A comprehensively detailed and considered review of the album Psychos On The Beach!! has been posted on The Punk Site causing some amusement in the band; Recognising how incisive and well crafted the review is (it's another cracker!) The Top Fuellers would like to inform any reader of the review[...]

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